I guess Jack didn’t teach you shit

Dear Olivia,

Recently you made a campaign promise to tax people who can afford houses costing more than $2 million another 1%. When you add the provincial land transfer tax into the equation you are now asking the buyer to fork out $100,000 in tax just to buy a new home. You stupidly claim that “if they can afford the house, surely they can afford the increase in tax. “ What you fail to acknowledge, you ignorant cow, is that these people are already funding a massively disproportionate % of the overall tax bucket – somewhere in the ballpark of $200k each at a minimum before you factor in sales tax.

Olivia Cow

As one of these people (yes, I am wealthy, sue me) I am ready to pack it in and leave this city before you rob me any further. How dare you assume that I can afford to fund your social programs without even asking me. How long do you think you can continue to rape those who produce wealth before we pack up and leave. What happens to your city and your economy when we leave. When I go I will take my business and the jobs it provides with me. Perhaps, instead of stealing money from those who you believe (again, without inquiry) can afford it you could spend some time teaching those who want more but can’t afford it to smarten the fuck up and live within their means. It is assholes like you that actually kill cities and stunt growth.

Maybe being married to a good leader doesn’t qualify you to be mayor after all… who woulda thunk it?