This isn’t about Cecil, nor is it about the Dentist.

Cecil, a 13 year old Lion was “Sport Hunted” by morally reprehensible Dentist and the world has gone crazy trying to come to terms with where this horror. Sadly, Cecil’s killing might be what was needed to create change, but we as a society need to get focused where the source of our outrage lies. Is it specifically Cecil being killed, is it Sport Hunting or is it the Dentist? I am growing increasingly uncomfortable with the angry mob mentality screaming “let’s all go hang the dentist”. I am not trying to be controversial or obtuse, I understand why this topic has become a hot button but I fear we are wasting our energy on the wrong aspect of this tragedy and thus, are unlikely to receive any justice. It seems clear to me that this isn’t about Cecil. Very few of the vocal many (certainly nobody in my FB feed)  knew who Cecil was before he got “Sport Hunted”.

The outrage, as far as I can tell appears to centre around how a power deprived Dentist, aided by his guides, lured Cecil The Lion from one area to another before he shot him with a cross bow (and subsequently killed him). Apparently the actual crime wasn’t that he killed Cecil… it’s that Dr. Dickless lured him away from a protected area which, according to a permit, then allowed Cecil to be killed legally. If we follow the bouncing ball this means the crime we abhor is the luring, not the killing. Is this about a technicality?

We don’t actually know if this small-membered git even knew what he was getting himself into? According to him he thought he was following the rules. You’ll need to suspend your outrage for a minute to appreciate this but this did happened in Zimbabwe. In the Corruption Perceptions Index 2007, Zimbabwe was ranked 150th out of 179 countries for corruption (least corrupt countries are at the top of the list) therefor it is reasonable to believe that the hunter thought he was acting within the law when he may, in fact, have been duped. That doesn’t make him any less of a douche bag but it’s possible that this isn’t really about the Dentist.

Hunting for the sake of killing is disgusting and deplorable to the majority of our civilized society and, for the most part, is completely foreign in the animal kingdom at large. I can’t begin to understand what barn animal molestation these hunters suffered as children to drive them to want to spend tens of thousand of dollars to pointlessly destroy a sapient being. It’s a sick fucking world – full stop, but the Facebook Righteous Majority might want to stop take a good long look in the mirror and ask themselves why they are so upset at the Dentist? Sport Hunting has been public display for our entire lives. Some sources on the internet (so it must be true) state that there are 100 million animals killed every year for sport or fashion – NOT FOR FOOD. whether its 1 million or 100 million, it’s a boatload of blood and fur so I ask; Why now? Why this lion? Why this guy?

Is the issue that a lion, or any animal, was killed by a human in the name of Sport? Is so then our issue is with Sport Hunting. Condemning this loser as a means to stop Big Game Hunting is about as ineffective as the victim’s families of the Colorado Theatre shooting suing the companies that sold James Holmes ammo on-line in an effort to solve the gun control problem in the US.

If your issue is that killing all animals is wrong regardless of the purpose then a) that is a whole other kettle of kelp worthy of much debate and b) you are a better global citizen than most…. likely a better citizen with a protein, calcium and vitamin D deficiency living in a leather free house sporting hemp and cotton clothes but a better citizen none the less.

My moral compass tells me that killing animals for food, clothing and tools is ok. Dating back to my ancient ancestor Great Grand Pappy x 1,000  Homo Erectus (it’s a long story… … …)

my family has prospered physically and mentally from the meat, hides and bones of mammals we have killed, either directly or indirectly. The resulting mental and physical growth has benefited humans world was responsible for our evolution, putting humans at the top of the food chain and ultimately creating the society we now live in. As is always the case the passing of time means things have changed and with change comes the opportunity for us to challenge the logic of the past. Is it ok to kill animals is we can artificially manufacture the resources we used to get from Bessie (the generic beef and leather yielding cow)? If it is ok to kill animals, does the reason matter? Is the difference between how Cecil felt and how Bessie felt at their moment of reckoning any different? Do we care? Is this why we are upset. Is killing Cecil the issue or is the issue about how and why we justify the difference between killing animals?

I don’t believe in sport hunting, not because I am a too squeamish to kill animals (which I am) but because It defies my sense of logic and it just feels wrong. When my heart and my brain agree, I don’t argue. Killing an animal that is threatening me or my family might make me sad but It is logical. Killing an animal to feed or clothe my family also makes sense. Killing for the sake of killing is illogical and is offensive and it makes me really, really angry that I (we) still allow this to happen but until we agree and stop it, we can’t blame the dentist.

my $0.02


It’s not a tumour

Top ten things likely in Rob Ford’s belly:

1. A pound of crack (… that fell off the kilo he smuggled up to Muskoka)
2. Scarborough
3. Sandro Lisi
4. A big ball of Karma
5. Doug’s head
6. That creepy little dude from Total Recall
7. A hair ball
8. The alternate world that his family lives on
9. Ford Nation
10. Ironically, the cure for cancer


Get well soon,


Now That I live in Toronto, WTF??

As a “new” Torontonian I feel that it is my right to ask the question – what is wrong with you people? There are a boatload of things right about this city but there is one thing that is so horribly wrong that the 1% of wrong overshadows the 99% of the right.

I am talking about this city’s lethargy about their mayor, Rob Ford


Honestly, WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!!!!???  How is this villain even being considered for re-election? Why are people not standing up and screaming at the top of their lungs for his removal. This guy is bad. Not bad as in “gee, I don’t think he is good at his job”, I mean bad like “this guy is the devil”. Your mayor is 1% good and 99% evil as shit. To be clear, I am saying I believe he is EVIL, not incompetent or bumbling or suffering from a disease. Ford is a calculated criminal who hates.This ignorant, scandalous bully has single handedly reduced one of the world’s most respected cities into a international laughing stock and, perhaps more importantly,  a risky place for foreign investment. In almost any other city in the world there would be boycotts, marches, riots in the street…something… anything!!! I am not suggesting or advocating violence or anarchy but a little passion couldn’t hurt.

Torontonians appear to be divided into two camps. In one camp you have a group of hard working blue collared citizens who like to refer to themselves as Ford Nation. These people see this former football great


as some kind of hero of the working man because…. because why? Ford is a lying-drug addict/alcoholic-homophobe lecherous-abusive-spoiled-son of a once admirable man…. I get that he has flaws but COME ON… there has to be a better Defender of the Common Man than this guy. Flaws don’t make the man. Its quaintly Christian and Canadian to give a guy a second chance but supporting this repeat repeat repeat repeat offender is, in my opinion, akin to voting for


Nathan Forrest (First Grand Wizard of the KKK) solely on the merit that this pioneering bigot beat his wife while driving drunk in a car full of heroine. “Sure he is a racist lush who beats his wife but…” BUT WHAT???  Dear Ford Nation, Find another hero. Rob Ford Probably Hates You. Look know further than his claims that he loves you.

The other camp is comprised of the rest of the city which surprisingly is only slightly larger than Ford Nation if the polls are to be believed. This camp consists of (or appears to consist of) a more educated and affluent segment of the population. They can often be heard ranting with their friends and family about what a disaster Mayor Ford is, what great harm the city has suffered under his reign and how horrible it would be if he got re-elected. To this group I say “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!!???!” You are people of means and influence.  How many times in history do you need to witness a really really bad dude remaining in power because someone didn’t do anything to stop him? Get your asses off your pub stools and living room couches and do something. I can promise you that Ford is planning on you scratching your navels while he rallies his army of thugs and the Great Unwashed in his effort to reclaim that god-aweful necklace. If he wins, and it is not a stretch to imagine he will (see: G. W. Bush), he is going to materially fuck your city up for a very very long time.

My very personal $0.02




Toronto is on crack – you should try it.

I’ve got a lot of friends in Toronto, Canada and for that reason I have been following their Mayor’s (Rob Ford) saga surrounding his drug use. It appears that he,  amongst a heap of other un-mayor-like shit, smokes crack. He doesn’t just smoke crack, he’s been caught on video smoking crack… in what appears to be a crack house… with a crack dealer. The video was first discovered by some Toronto journalists and our friends at Gawker. Shortly after the existence of the clip became public it disappeared but has now resurfaced and is the hands of the chief of police. The public still hasn’t seen the video but now it’s just a matter of time. I don’t care who you are, this makes for good reading.

“Why”, you might ask, am I so interested in a Canadian drama (Canada is not known for quality entertainment – just entertainers)? If I am being completely honest its because our own political backyard is so completely fucked up that the only way I can get through the day without killing myself is by discovering and judging the weaknesses of others.

Thank you Mr. Ford, you wonderful, fat, stupid, lying sack of shit!

Much love,


robby 1

It’s not Mexican, its CRAP

While in Toronto I went to that joint on King St. W last week…. the one with the Rooster… it was disappointing. This was my 3rd time, the second being slightly less exciting than the first so I kinda excepted it to be shite.

This place is a one-trick pony. Do you know what the problem with a one-trick pony is? There is but one trick.

Valdez (just remembered the name) is no exception to this equinian tragedy mainly because they have chosen a cuisine that primarily showcases beans and avocado, god’s dynamic duo of mushy blandness, pulverized and served with chips. The point is there are only so many times you can say “gee, it’s so authentic” before you get tired of eating paste and begin to crave a good steak. Not to sell them short, they are not just beans and guac, they have a number of other dishes from the Greater Mexi-Spain-Maimi region but they all pretty much rely on the “authentic” aspect to carry the day instead of flavour.

What I find really surprising, besides the fact that I have now been there 3 times, is that they are in business at all. It’s basically a deconstructed Burrito Boyz with a liquor license charging 10x the price of any other Mexican joint. They must be sliding blow out of the theatre-prop-flea-market in the front of the building in order to make rent.

On the topic of booze, they suck at it. I can forgive boring food but what I can not abide are small drinks that take 15 minutes to arrive if they arrive at all. Worst of all, the draft beer comes in a juice cup!!!

Other lowlights:

The wait staff is best described as a sausage-fest dowsed in Axe Body Spray.

The restaurant has the look and feel of a concrete bunker with a flea market out front.

It has the acoustics of a flushed toilet

On the positive side:

The wine list doesn’t require a corkscrew.

They serve lunch

I guess it’s better than the date rape emporium that used to occupy that address

I just burped – tastes like chicken