Meet the new, four-platform Citizen

Josh Baskin said it best. “I don’t get it”

Ottawa Citizen

Postmedia and the Ottawa Citizen today unveil a reinvention of the local news business based on a “four-platform strategy” more than two years in the making.

The strategy represents a bold investment in the future at a time when many newspapers are retrenching under pressure from an industry-wide slump in ad revenue.

“We’ve reinvented each one of our products from the ground up — from a completely blank canvas,” said Wayne Parrish, chief operating officer of Postmedia Network Canada Corp. and the man in charge of transforming the business.

That transformation begins with today’s newspaper and extends to the Citizen’s website, its tablet and smart phone editions. The four platforms will feature news, information and ads created and designed to take advantage of the strengths of each medium and to serve each platform’s unique audience.

What does it mean for Citizen readers like me?

It means you’ll have…

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